Pharmacy management system: Rx Tera 2.0

Rx Tera 2.0 is our second version of our web based Pharmacy Management System application that grants retail pharmacy owners and workers universal access to the information and real time updates on the current status of the pharmacy with a point of sale , sell history, invoicing, purchase history, financial statements and e-mail reminders . It is a multi level user based pharmacy management system with a default administrator, dispenser and cashier accounts. Being the second version, we have had time to fix all the bugs and improve on Rx Tera 1.0 pharmacy management system which has been running for one and a half years.

For a live demonstration version of the application, click the button below and take the system for a spin!


Special Features include:
1. Dashboard
2. Selling Medicine
3. Inbuilt medicine master list with over 2000 brands.
4. Selling History
5. Medicine Stock
– Soon expiring notifications
– Medicine Stock near pre-set reorder levels
6. Medicine Purchase
– Add Medicine Purchase
– Medicine Purchase History
7. Employee Management
8. E-mail alerts